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  1. Presentations are on Monday! Be ready.
  2. Also, please put 12 quotes from your story on your blog. For each one, explain why you chose it (why is it important?).

" Whenever the Outer Hornerites looked at the hangdog Inner Hornerites cramped into the short term residency zone, they felt a little sick, and also very patriotic"

This line is important because the Outer Hornerites took the pain of the Inner Hornerites were going through and turned it into their own joy.

"Jeez couldn’t those jerks spare us a couple hundred extra square yards of that vast unlimited land?"

This line ecplains how the greety Outer Hornerites are partying in their vast land,

"You tax them," phil said again

This line important because the Outer Hornerites were thinking about making the Inner hornerites; How can robots tax each other?

"They owe us four smolokas"

This line is also important because “smolokas” is the currency used by the Hornerites, and the Inner hornerites were to pay four smolokas to the Outer Hornerites because of taxes. This story reminds me of when i was in the 10th grade we had to do a project in math called “people project” and make the characters act almost similar to humans but the thing is they should not be humans.

"I’ve been thinking about our beautiful country… who gave it to us" asked Larry

This line should be considered because it’s kind of ironic how they’re thinking about the origin of their country. This might improvise that their curiosity should be taken to mind.

" I hereby declare a federal tax mercifulness occasion"

This line is important because the Outer Hornerites are making a day to celebrate taxe imposing.

"they owe us taxes! and have refused via violence to pay those taxes"

This line explains how the Inner Hornerites, who are known as the humbles, decided to fight fire with fire in order not to pay improper taxes.

"Those stupid Inner Hornerites! how he hated them"

This line was said by Phil, an Outer Hornerite who is not afraid to show his hatred towards Inner Hornerites. Isn’t i kind of funny how robots who are know as unemotioned creatures love to hate one another? everytime i read this story i remember Bender from the cartoon Futurama.

" The presidential palace was a gleaming gold-domed building with a vast high-ceilinged entry hall"

This line is also important because of the similarity in actions that these robots have with humans. Robots should be their own leader not the other way around.

"What’s all about disassembling someone?"

This was written on a note by the mirror-faced advisor whos informing the president the cruelty that the Inner Hornerites have to endure, because of the Outer Hornerites.

where the Inners are jam packed and no room to even lift a finger.

" For fair part, the Outer Hornerites felt that, yes, okay, their country was but, it wasn’t infinitely big, which meant that they might simeday run out of room"

This line demonstrates that it takes the Inner Hornerite quite a while to notice that they have no room in their own country.


Part 1: Reading

Finish your story. Don’t forget to annotate… There is one more presentation to go!

Part 2: Writing

Explain how the concepts in your outcome from this week are related to your story. Do this in at least two paragraphs. Don’t forget to say what story you are reading and what outcome you are working with..

The outcome that my group choose for this week was outcome 20; which is Student analyzes the use of literary elements and techniques in George Saunder’s writing. Literary elements or techniques are an important aspects of an author. It refers to particular indentifiable characteristics of a whole text. Which represents the elements of a storytelling. On the other hand, element or techniques refers to any specific choices of language which an author uses to convey meaning in a particular way. An literary elements that is included in the story I’m reading is allegory. An allegory is a story with two meanings a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning. Which means that, allegory is a form of metaphor in which objects, persons or actions in a narrative. On the other hand, is a moral story often with animals characters.

another literary element that i noticed was irony. Irony is sarcasm: witty language used to convey insults or scorn. For intance isn’t it ironic if you found out that you are the leader of the Ku Klux Klan and coming to find out you are black or jewish. An ironic event that took shape in this story is how robots started acting human. They started to love, hate, and become jealous of each other. Not to also mention that they started taxing individuals living in lands. This story is also a form of an allegory because the absurdities happening in the story are kind of ironic. For intance the Outer Hornerite started groups of militias to tame the Inner Hornerites. Although this was achieved, it does not make sense to have an army to control good semeritans.

Home work 3/18/2010

the name of my story is The Brief and Frightening Reing of Phil.

The outcome that my group picked for this week was outcome 19; In which the student have to analyze the story through the lens of sociological imagination

In one at least two paragraphs, explain how the outcome is related to your story.

sociological imagination is the capacity to perceive the relationships between the events in society and the actions of individuals. this outcome relates to my story because throughout the reading the Outer hornites, who we thought were the Protagonists turned out to be the opposite. Since they seem to have the bigger country they tried to force themselves to the Inner Hornys by mistreating them and forcing them to pay taxes on their land. This relates to our society because through experience in this country many of us are chraged taxes to where we live, especially if you get pay to work you will see many taxes that were cut from your check. It is kind of ironic how a group of robots would decide to charge each other, by moving their actions more toward humane acts, rather than in robotic manners.

As humans we tend to manupulate weaks in order to satisfy ourselves. For instance the Hornerites are bunch of robots but act human, they can fall in love, cry, smile, sceam and have their own conscious. the idea of charging the Inner Hornerites to stayon their land is an example of how society pressures us on to making different actions as individuals.


  1. While Fear of Big War Fades, Military Plans for Little Ones

  2. Officers Go on Trial Today In Beating of Black Driver

  3. The Talk of Hollywood; New Films Depicting A Tougher Los Angeles


  5. Critic’s Notebook; American Music of the 1980’s: Creating in the Absence of Rules

  6. Books of The Times; Growing Up Burdened By an Old World’s Past

  7. Governments to Begin Talks On Uses of Radio Spectrum


  9. Review/Television; A Father and His Son In ‘The Broken Cord’

  10. Easing of Trade Barriers Is Urged

Before doing this activity i was not aware of any of these event occuring on my birthday.

Is there anything about any of these events that surprises you?

Actually to answer this question, they all surprised me but the one that stood out the most to me was the story is A Father And His Son In “The Broken Cord” because it talks about a tv series that overcomes the idea of television being taken over by women. Its about a single father who adopts a 3 year old indian boy.

Do you have any connections, large or small to any of these events?

I do have a bit of a connection to this story because not only television is being taken over by women as well as society itself. I know the Godfather of soul James Brown said himself “It’s a man’s world” but my questions is, is it really a man’s world? or a world where men believe it’s theres? Its upstanding to have a tv series that let’s men being recognized out there.

Do you think that any of these events had an impact, large or small, on your life or those of your family members that you know of?

Personally none of these stories affected me in anyway, however it is members of my family that i am worried about. Most of the males in my family believe that it is men that are suppose to take charge but i believe vice versa menaing it can go both ways. One of my uncles especially has strong feelings towards male dominance because we tend to argue a lot about this topic. For instance when i told him the idea of having a successful woman behind every men, he said why does the woman have to be successful? this goes on and on and fourth and does not yet compromises.

What conclusions can you draw about what your city/town was like on the day you were born based on this newspaper? What other observations can be made?

The city/town i was born in can be influence by this article because about 90 percent of the men believe in male dominances, this might influence their decision making processes.


Examine something you care about through lens of social/imagination.

  • Something that i care about through lens of sociological imagination, is the individual behavior and the social relations. This is basically because in our society, the the majority of people misbehave toward others. Also because people don’t mind they business. People are always talking about things that don’t concern them. For instance, there is gossiping in the society. Furthermore, people are not recognizing what other are doing for them and what other sacrificed to make them happy. This is a wrong thing because you never know where you are going to end up…
  • Most likely, individuals are willing and able to harm others to be happy. This is something that i never understand from certain people. I always ask myself this how would these people feel if someone else do the something to them? I which that these people didn’t exist, if i have the power to change the way people live and interact with each other, i will make life really simple. On the other hand, i believe that we can’t live in a total perfect world because we always need that extra bad thing. Just like human body even though fat is bad for our system, we always need a little bit of it…
  • Similarly, since our society is a melting pot full of Hispanic, Africans, Asia, Europeans etc… people just what to befriend with people from their country. I totally understand that sometimes it could be because of communication and the language. However, sometimes people should try other wise they will never overcome it.  This is like communism because if people interact with the same people over and over, they will never learn, discover or experience things they never experience before. That’s s main reason why people develop their world by meeting new people. At some point, this is what life is all about meeting new people and learn from them…

To my perspective People should change their views about other races don’t let stereotypes guide you. 


1)What is the difference between sociology and biology?

The difference between sociology and biology.Its that sociology explains more about how  the society live base on the environment and the group of people.Also sociology emphasize how the human use their common senses to live.But Biology is the study of living things and natural resources and geology and lands.

2)What is an example of social life or social interaction or social change or groups or societies or human behaviors that is interesting to you? Why

An example of societies sometime the action of societies are totally uncontrolled its interesting because human being get to know what kind of people that live in that place.Also its important to know the societies in another to offer them what they want and to get to know the knowledge of those people base on human common sense.


Using worksheets #1 and #2, write 1-3 paragraphs explaining how the natural sciences are different from the social sciences. Use as many examples from your worksheets as possible

The natural science its different from the social science.Its that the natural science basically talk about the knowledge and academic of human being.Also it explain about the environment.And its the study of universal of how things are going around.An example of natural science chemistry, physics  and geology.All this thing are related to the natural science.In chemistry section it shows  the organic and inorganic branches it tells how these two words explain how the word has connect to the natural science because it tells how organic and inorganic has something to with the science stuff like periodic table and element things.

The physics section which include biology and quantum explain how things are used base on the numbers and calculation.Its related to the world or the earth.Basically the Physics has also know as the teaching part which has been teaching to human base on the things that we are using in the world.For example chemical which has been involve with fire experiment in another to know how to use those things and the importance of them items human are using in the society.

The geology section has include mineralogy and geomorphology.Because it shows how human are studying an environmental  that can bring changes in the societies or a place that is important to human being.Also it tells how they use the ways to get the natural resources are basically find under the ground base on the geology.

Now the different between the natural science and the social science.Its that natural science is the study of things that are search for and has give them names also its how the human search  for those things and know the importance of these things it can use to make to achieve something or add more our knowledge of knowing something.But social science its base on science and the living which is the study of animals in the forest or the trees


1.      Read the document called “What is Sociology?”

Sociology is the fact tat when you will continue your study of society. Also your study of socials group.

-In your own words, write what you think sociology is.

Sociology is the fact of learning everything that makes a society. Also everything that must teach you how to react about the way we react toward the community. Is also about when you get to analyze what the all community is about. As well as how we affect and change the way we leave.

2.      Would hallway culture at Bronx International HS be interesting to a sociologist? Why?

I think that the hallway of Bronx International will just be interesting for a day and after tht they will go back to their normal life style. I said this because it’s the way we react toward everything that the school asks us.

3.      What else might be interesting to a sociologist? Why?

If we sociologist will know more about everything and also all of our questions will be answered and will have been answer by others. Because the questions we have always have answers and things that we might not know others know them. It would also mean that they will not be diversity or something like that on our way.

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